Yeah, I’m a bike nerd.

I could go on about this bike, but I won’t. It’s really pretty and works really well. It was built by a friend of mine for a bike show. To see some “glamour shots” of it, follow this link.

I’ve ridden bikes for a long time and it still gives me a great deal of pleasure. I used to race a bit,

Old school!
Old school!

but now just ride for fun.

Yeah, we’re shucking and eating oysters during a ride.

I also collect bikes, don’t worry I still ride them. Here’s a few – select for a slide show.


I instruct some “spin” classes, but still like to get outside and ride. Please click on a picture.

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  1. Sam Verla says:

    Nice to meet a fellow bike nerd! Gorgeous ride. I’m not familiar with Royal H. Custom steel?


    1. Stephen J. says:

      Hi Sam,

      Nice to meet you too! Royal H.’s are all custom and mostly steel. They are built by Bryan Hollingsworth (who also does some work for Seven) and he is a real craftsman. The bike in the pic was built for Philly handbuilt show a couple of years ago. My wife can probably relate to yours (Yeah, it’s a bike… and.) Looking forward to working with you!


  2. Bob Revesz says:

    Wow, those are some very impressive bikes. I have actually been looking a lot at bikes recently since I’ve been planning on purchasing one before the summer is here.


    1. Stephen J. says:

      Hi Bob,

      I’m a bit of a nut about hand built bike frames. This guy is a legend but, he’s in Philly…and probably has quite a waiting list. Getting on a bike is a lot of fun and there are lots of nice ones to be had for reasonable $. A good bike shop with knowledgeable staff who don’t try to “up” sell you is key!


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